Toddy Stewart started his career as a busboy in a Croatian restaurant at the age of 13.

He has a high school diploma, an undergraduate degree, a couple of continuing education certificates, a number of graduate degree credits and a mail-in minister's license.

He's worked as a janitor, an art hanger, a substitute public school teacher, a bartender and for a while now, a collabroative filmmaker- as a director, editor, cinematographer and creative director depending on the project. You know... depending. He does this at Picture Farm, an integrated production company at which he fills a role as one of the partner/owner/creative/strategist people.

He's won an Emmy award. That's probably best thing he's won, I think.

But he's played whatever part he had to play in a couple Clios, some Cannes Lions third place finishes, some near misses at the Webbys and some accolades at the Addys. Something he was technically associated with got a best directing award at Sundance. He's won some awards at some other film festivals. The Vimeo staff has very much liked a few things he's worked on. He's never been nominated for a "most improved" award, even though that's the one he always wanted. Honest. He came in second place in an amateur surfing competition and was a teammate on a few New York City amateur soccer league champion teams back in the day. His dog likes him well enough, I'm pretty sure.

His father-in-law gave him a very nice Spanish guitar he'd like to learn how to play. He tweets his dreams when he can remember them. He has a plein air painting easel he'd like to employ. 

He lives in Brooklyn somewhere.