Toddy joined Picture Farm Production as a partner in 2011 with a mandate to add creative practices to PF’s production partnerships and to build a boutique editorial house. Since that time he’s helped grow and transform the company from a photo-first service production company into an offering that has trail-blazed the hybrid photo/video simul-capture technique. Picture Farm has since expanded to an international, award-winning production studio with offices in Brooklyn, London, Barcelona and Berlin, known for its ability to craft and collaborate on brand projects that span all the needs of a campaign.


Some point out that the title creative director has become ill-defined at best and abused at worst. As a bootstrappy, do-it-ourselves kind of production shop, PF doesn’t have the resources to hire outside designers and copywriters and marketing managers. As PF’s ECD, Toddy fulfills those roles, designing the website, crafting company brand guidelines and managing all aspects of company art direction. Traditionally a service-oriented production company, PF’s remit has been to facilitate the creative vision instead of crafting it. But as the industry has evolved, agencies and brands have been looking for more partners in the creative brief. As PF’s ECD, Toddy has been the lead collaborator with artists and clients in creative ideation when called upon. Toddy’s fingerprint can be either heavy or light, perfunctory or intensive, at times being asked to brainstorm concepts with agency creatives, and at others to work alongside photographers and directors in pre-production, honing their vision and production plan for the brief.


Toddy’s initial objective when joining Picture Farm was to effect changes from “the back end.” Building a highly organized, creatively curious and technically skilled post production department at PF allowed Toddy to define a “post-lead” creative integration with the production department, helping producers and photographers, accustomed to stills capture, adjust to and master the concepts of motion storytelling. Talent-scouting, training, mentoring and supporting the production and post production teams continue to be one of Toddy’s central roles at PF.

A few examples of the kinds of projects Toddy has been able to engage in from creativey, supervisory and executivey roles:

Adidas MakerLab Campus 80S x Leandro Bezzera Lara // Canada Goose FALL 2018 x Christopher Anderson // Gentle Monster & Tilda Swinton Endgame x Erik Madigan Heck // Westar Energy Lines x Kess Broekman-Dattner // Herman Miller How To See Now x Christopher Sturman // Verizon & FOX Sports Home Turf x Inés Gowland, Francesca Mirabella, Gabriel Rinaldi, Ilie Mitaru, Daniel Uribe, Neuplot, Lorena Alvarado & Giovanni Autran // / Synchrony Business Schooled x Moh Azima // BP Olympics x Christopher Griffith // Rosewood Hotels A Sense Of Place x Anders Overgaard // Russell Athletic Settle Your Score x Robert Clark // Pepsi & Alicia Keys & UEFA In Common x Christopher Anderson & Earle Sebastian // Nike Gamekillers x Craig Moore, Fernando Gayesky, Oscar Cariss & Ben Gordon // Scholastic Open A World Of Possible x Braden King // Laura Mercier Velour Extreme x Bec O’Donnell


Through his role at Picture Farm, Toddy has been able to manage a number of passion projects. For seven years he ran the PF Gallery out of the company’s Brooklyn storefront shop, curating shows, designing marketing material and producing receptions. Through this, he was able to facilitate the creation of the Picture Farm Film Festival, an annual DiY cinema celebration run by employees of the company. He was also able to co-produce It Doesn’t Not Work, an annual surfcraft design symposium.


In his assorted executive roles, Toddy has played whatever part he had to play in a number of Clios, some Cannes Lions bronzes, some Webbys honors, some accolades at the Addys and Reggies, a D&AD Graphite Pencil, a Die Klappe bronze, a bronze Lampen, a couple Adweek Ad of the Days, multiple LeBook Connections gold medals, some Creativepool digital shortlists, a Source Creative 2018 Top 100 Spot and a PDN award, among other honors. Something he was distantly, but technically, associated with won a best directing award at Sundance.

Most recently his work developing a local internship program at Picture Farm’s New York HQ resulted in a Brooklyn Workforce Innovations 2019 Outstanding Employer Award, which he accepted alongside Leslie Yoon, PF’s senior post producer. In 2019 he was also announced as the Small Business Administration’s New York State Small Business Person of the Year. Well, he wasn’t the only winner, but he does have both an official looking piece of paper and a heavy piece of etched glass with his name on them.

Toddy continues to split his time in these roles while directing and editing at Picture Farm.
I would have used the word “moonlighting” somewhere in there, but there’s really none of that.