Between 2011 and 2018, Picture Farm Gallery presented a regular offering of multi-week shows, pop up exhibitions, craft workshops and cultural events.

Operated out of a beautiful storefront space on Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg Brooklyn, the ambition was to offer up a financially viable and inclusive exhibition venue to our talented neighborhood peers, artists who might normally find their work under-represented and to the social and community causes we hold dear.

The PF Gallery became a neighborhood home that would spawn the annual It Doesn’t Not Work surf craft design weekend and the Picture Farm Film Fest, a yearly celebration of filmmaking and the non-traditional cinematic voice. Both events live on beyond the life of the gallery space itself.

Included in his overall creative-lead roll at Picture Farm Production, Toddy took up the mantle as head curator of the gallery as well, working with the artists, often designing the posters and marketing materials and getting out of the way when the situation demanded it.

For a while, he set out an ambitious goal to make films about each artist showing at the gallery, but this soon became a bit too complicated with a full work and family schedule. He ended up making ten short portrait films with his iPhone:
Painter Pilita Garcia
Sculptor & Collagist Matthew Lusk
Photographer Johnny Panessa
Photographer Mara Catalán
Sculptor Nami Sawada
Photograpaher Eric T. White
Photographer Cole Barash
Photographer Zak Bush
Print Makers Naomi Kazama & Mike Ming
Painter Anna Harrah
and one fun event film for Paola Citterio.
And one artist portrait film made with a slightly better camera for Yuri Shimojo accompanying the interview for her show catalogue.