Toddy Stewart plays a squishy, ecumenical, monkey-wrencher’s role in filmmaking. He’s been involved with hundreds of art and advertising projects in a variety of roles, often combining those roles as needed. He both directs his own projects and pairs up with other filmmakers, photographers, creative directors and artists to hone a vision, at times also playing the roles of editor, supervising editor, executive post-producer, co-director, writer or cinematographer (or some combination of the those). As a commercial director, he is supported by the creative development studio PF77.


As a commercial director, co-director and co-conspirator, Toddy brings his particularly synthesized career to the art of finding the film. Naturally distrustful of “genre” as a director, he lets his interest in the subject matter (or simple creative opportunity) guide him into projects.

LAURA MERCIER Tinted Moisturizer // NIKE London Youth Games // KATE SPADE Fernanda and the Mariachis // FREDERIC FEKKAI Seductions // LAURA MERCIER Caviar Volume // SMASH Breakfast at Pilgrim // NIKE FOOTBALL Je Suis Joue Du Street // MLS American Fans // FREDERIC FEKKAI Muse // KATE SPADE Fernanda and the Camel // MLS Jumbotron // SMASH Taxi Driver // ESPN “WORLD CUP” Big Event - Outlaws - Brazil // ALYSSA NORTON Range // WITNESS 20 Year Anniversary // WEST ELM LOCAL “MAKERS” Eric Trine in Los Angeles - Tippy Tippens in New Orleans - Matt Alexander in Nashville - Christine Llewellyn in Brooklyn - Roar & Rabbit in Philadelphia - Margo Selby in Whitstable // MLS “NO SITTING ALLOWED” Sporting Kansas City - Toronto FC - NY Redbulls // NIKE “FOOTBALL X” The Tic Tac - The Zig Zag - The Hypnotizer - The Cobra - Flick Flick - The Glitch - The 360 Backheel Flick - The Scorpion - The Beast Chip // J.P. MORGAN CHASE “COMMUNITY INVESTMENT” St. Paul’s Way Trust School - YTKO Group - Ft. Worth Stock Show - Center For Transforming Lives - Klyde Warren Park // TJ MAXX “MAXX LIFE” Riley & Jack - Lily & Natalie // CADILLAC x VOGUE “STYLE DRIVEN” Chapter One - Chapter Two - Chapter Three // BELSTAFF “WOMEN OF NEW YORK” Anabelle Dexter-Jones - Julia Chapin - Josephine Meckseper // INSTAGRAMERS Melody Joy Munn - Swopes // COACH “My First Coach” Mother’s Day - Father’s Day // ANACIN Keg Cups


Toddy has worked with a number of artists represented by Artist Commissions, kicked off by a partnership with the photographer Ryan McGinley, that would last over a decade. Starting as an editor, he would collaborate with McGinley on projects for Levi’s, Pringle of Scotland, Edun, Nina Ricci, Calvin Klein, Hermès and with fashion designers Rodarte. Ryan’s collaboration with Sigur Ros, Varúð, would garner a Vimeo Staff Pick and be featured in Times Square’s Midnight Moment and Ryan’s work for Mercedes-Benz would kick off the 2014 Berlin Fashion Week. Toddy would later move into more roles with Ryan, including sound designer for ACNE, cinematographer and supervising editor for campaign films for H&M and a hybrid co-directing role in the 2017 Kate Spade campaign series featuring Fernanda Ly. He would return to editing with Ryan for his work with Brad Pitt & GQ and Converse. Most recently, he partnered with Ryan and Artist Commissions as a creative and editorial supervisor on a series of films for Apple’s [AR]T Walks.

During this period he would also work closely with artist Marilyn Minter, editing her work for the Whitney Museum and several solo shows, and collaborating with her as cinematographer, sound designer and editor on a series of political and promotional projects. Marilyn’s piece with Lady Gaga was featured on the New York Times and some of their projects together were featured in her national Pretty/Dirty retrospective, starting at Contemporary Arts Museum Houston and culminating at the Brooklyn Museum. Toddy reformatted special edition installations of Green Pink Caviar for the Barclay Center Oculus and I’m Not Much But I’m All I Think About for Santiago Calatrava's World Trade Center Oculus.

Toddy would also work with photographer Roe Ethridge on fashion films for Hermès, Opening Ceremony, Nordstrom and Mercedes-Benz and would contribute writing, sound design and editing for a series Roe would make for Sportmax. One of which, featuring the model Maria Carla Boscono, would be included in a survey of Roe’s work, Nearest Neighbor, at the Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati. He would later collaborate with Roe on a series of stop motion films for Tiffany.

He would also edit a number of projects with Artist Commissions photographer/filmmaker Collier Schorr for Mercedes-Benz, G Star and Brioni.


Toddy has worked particularly consistently in the soccer genre since 2006 on projects for Major League Soccer, Nike, ESPN, Umbro, FIFA, Anomaly, UEFA, FOX Soccer, the England FA, the Confederation of African Football, the Barcalys Premier League, Manchester City F.C. and Telemundo as an editor, creative director and director. This is lucky. Because he loves soccer.

Taking his inspiration first from Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait directed by Douglas Gordon & Philippe Parreno, then Tokyo Olympiad by Kon Ichikawa, Toddy pitched an idea to the MLS to create films that capture what it really feels like to be an American soccer fan by filming and interviewing the fans themselves. Operating as director, cameraman and writer for three films about New York, Toronto and Kansas City.

Toddy shot nine films for Nike Football in Los Angeles (co-directing in LA with his friend Christopher Anderson), Amsterdam and Paris. A dynamic mash up of documentary meets tutorial video, Toddy also choreographed the action and provided the extra on-the-street camerawork and interviewed the players to craft their stories back in Brooklyn.

Toddy filled in roles as filmmaker, producer, writer and editor, teaming up with the marketing department from ESPN and cinematographer Scott Duncan, creating a triptych of broadcast spots for the World Cup, winning an Emmy in the process. The trio includes Big Event, an anthem about the competition itself, Outlaws, a paean to American fans and Brazil, an ode to the Brazilian spirit narrated by Seu Jorge. Emmy & Clio award winning.

Toddy built a reputation as the kind of filmmaker to whom one to can hand off a stack of digibetas, a clutch of hard drives or a password to an online archive and expect ideas, and then edits, in return. For ESPN, he crafted three consecutive campaigns for the UEFA European Championships. His role for these campaigns encompassed a kind of direction from the editor’s chair, including concept creation, copywriting, art directing and watching lots of football. Lots and lots. And lots.

Working with the filmmakers Inés Gowland, Francesca Mirabella, Gabriel Rinaldi, Ilie Mitaru, Daniel Uribe, Neuplot, Lorena Alvarado, Giovanni Autran, Chris Bren and the team from Picture Farm, Toddy developed a creative, inclusive approach to branded content for Verizon & FOX Sports leading up to the 2018 World Cup.

Acclaimed Magnum photographer Christopher Anderson and Toddy worked closely throughout an innovative project for Nike Football. Originally conceived of as a photo-only production, Christopher was able to add in full motion capture storytelling “on the side.” With Christopher still shooting in the field, Toddy would receive hard drives full of footage from South and Central America, building out the stories, finding editorial rhythms, developing the soundscape, writing the voice over copy and sending back notes and cuts. A non-traditional process honored for creative concept and nominated in the editing category at the 2016 Webby Awards and winner of multiple LeBook Connection gold medals.

Street artists Todd REAS James and NATURAL BORN Kevin Lyons worked with Toddy to create a series of animated films celebrating five-a-side culture in Manchester and Sao Paolo for Umbro. An incredibly interesting process that involved Toddy listening to hours of interview tapes (in sometimes barely intelligible Brazilian Portuguese and Mancunian English) to write and edit the stories in animatic form. He would then receive the animations back to edit, craft sound design and place the audio tracks.

On a similar tip, the creative agency Anomaly sent over a hard drive full of innocuous focus group interviews featuring young professional and amateur footballers who’d been testing Umbro’s Speciali boot. Toddy crafted the hours of often dull material into something completely different.

For the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Toddy was finally able to activate an idea he’d dreamed up during the 2002 World Cup: documenting New York as the best city in the world to be a soccer fan. NYC is a truly global city with a bar (or two) for any ex-pat community you’d care to name, each with passion for their home nation’s team. Toddy wanted to simul-capture the rapture and rupture, telling the story of the game through the faces of the fans themselves. Bacardi Rum & ESPN helped bring the idea to life.


Through Picture Farm, Toddy has worked on more than a few Nike campaigns as an editor and executive post producer. The work has run the gamut and there have been more than a few projects that he’s overseen but didn’t touch with his own fingers. Here are some that he put his mitts directly upon.

CHRISTOPHER ANDERSON x Nike Football Mexico City - Rio de Janeiro - Santiago // DAISY ZHOU x NIKE FOOTBALL “EQUALITY” - Until We All Win // KENNETH CAPPELLO x NIKE “KISS MY AIRS” - Mix Tape - Winnie Harlow - Neymar Jr. - Black Roses - Ruby Rose - - G Dragon - English Gardner // SØLVE SUNSBO x NIKE “ACG” - Nike Lab // SHARIF HAMZA x NIKE “BLAZER”- Cappie Pondexter - Abra // CARLOS SERRAO x NIKE “REACT” - Mix Tape One - Mix Tape 2 - Mix Tape 3 // MEL BLES x NIKE WOMENS - Beautiful Power // KATARINA JOHNSON THOMPSON x NIKE WOMENS - Invitation // RAHEEM STERLING x NIKE FC - Park Life Redux // CHRISTOPHER ANDERSON x Nike Olympics Gabby Douglas

Since the early Aughts, Toddy has worked with directors, agencies and brands to create commercial broadcast spots and content across the spectrum from beauty to sports to fashion. Every genre brings its own vocabulary, every project its own goals and conversations.

CHRISTOPHER ANDERSON x Canada Goose Project Atigi - Knitwear - Lightweight Down x KYMCO Dondequiera Que Vayas // HENRY ALEX RUBIN x Budweiser The Cup Is In The Building - Hockey Bars // TIM GEORGESON x Deus Ex Machina - The Portalist x Surflodge Mystique Sequence x Dolby Flamenco // BEN LENNOX x Vogue Fluorodays // COACH The Borough Bag // LAURENT BRIET x Converse Crookers // CARLYNE CERF DE DUDZEELE x Mercedes -Benz Fashion Film // DAVID FRANKHAM x Converse Homecoming - Same Day // YELENA YEMCHUK x Warby Parker Socials x Charles & Keith Garden - Things To Do In A Theater x Becca Ultimate Benefits x Karen Millen AW16 x Io Donna - Y’s Issue x Nine West - Karen Elson // CHRIS CRAYMER x Vogue China - Homage // JESSICA CRAIG-MARTIN x Nine West - Love Fury // CHRISTOPHER GRIFFITH x GQ - Dunkers // ANOMALY x Converse - Spark // SARA MARANDI x Pantene Volumizer // SCOTT DUNCAN x Degree Redefine Everything // MERT & MARCUS x Revlon DNA // SAM MENDES x Revlon Custom Eyes - Aqua Mineral // JAKE NAVA x Revlon Top Speed // JENNA ELIZABETH x Lykke Li - Breaking Silence // GREG DELVES x Brian Atwood Color Drip // MULLEN x TREsemmé Style That Won’t Let You Down - Split Remedy - Night Out - Keratin Smooth // CATHERINE SERVEL x Icon Magazine Evan Ross


Short, often personal films made about artists or travel experiences or for friends. All production roles from camera operation to sound capture performed by Toddy. Often on a whim or spur of the moment.

FOGO ISLAND Three Nights
PF GALLERY “iPHONE SERIES” Painter Pilita Garcia // Sculptor & Collagist Matthew Lusk // Photographer Johnny Panessa // Photographer Mara Catalán // Sculptor Nami Sawada // Photograpaher Eric T. White // Photographer Cole Barash - Photographer Zak Bush // Print Makers Naomi Kazama & Mike Ming // Painter Anna Harrah
ZEBULON CAFE CONCERT Next Generation // Mario Espinoza // The Sound


Between 2003 and 2014 Toddy experimented with different ways to make personal documentaries and art films using only consumer, pocket sized point & shoot digital cameras. The result is over 200 short, sometimes weird, experimental films.


Toddy has been regularly squandering the chances he’s had of becoming a respectable surfer for over 25 years. In that time he’s made a hash of more than a few attempts at surf filmmaking.

There’s the whole Lapsed Catholics thing, first off.
There was the time he made an art installation film edit/re-interpretation for the annual New York Fish Fry(e) featuring real surfers riding real fishes from real surf films set to the sounds of the poet Jayne Cortez, musician Richard Davis and author Henry Miller.
He also spent seven or so years playing with lo-fi DiY surf filmmaking.
He’s also made some forays into the quasi-fashion commercial side of the whole fiasco, editing promos for Reef (and Reef) with Mark Tesi, Roxy with Sonny Miller, Mr. Porter with Vava Ribeiro, Vevant x Saturdays with Gian Mazcour and Jamie Brisick with Quiksilver.
He also spent a day with his son and Christian Boalt in the Token Surfboards shaping bay.