Toddy has been regularly squandering the chances he’s had of becoming a respectable surfer for over 25 years. In that time he’s made more than a few attempts at surf filmmaking from a variety of angles.

He made the award winning The Surf Magazines Don’t Talk About Lapsed Catholics.
He directed a series of promos for the SMASH Surf film fest based on Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Saturday Night Fever and Taxi Driver.
He crafted an art installation film edit/re-interpretation for the annual New York Fish Fry(e) featuring real surfers riding real fishes from real surf films set to the sounds of the poet Jayne Cortez, musician Richard Davis and author Henry Miller.
He also spent seven or so years playing with lo-fi DiY surf filmmaking.
He’s also made some forays into the quasi-fashion commercial side of the whole fiasco, editing promos for Reef & Mark Tesi, Roxy & Sonny Miller, Mr. Porter & Vava Ribeiro, Vevant x Saturdays & Gian Mazcour and Jamie Brisick & Quiksilver.
He also spent a day with his son and Christian Boalt in the Token Surfboards shaping bay.

On a cultural note, he co-curates and creative directs an annual surf design symposium called “It Doesn’t Not Work” (and was interviewed about it by Huck Magazine and Fly Black Bird) and has participated in the Swell Season surf podcast and featured in the lovely book Ice Cream Headaches and the Japanese surf magazine Glide.

Beyond all that, Toddy is an award-winning commercial filmmaker who understands the short campaign form intimately as an editor, cinematographer and director, and who loves personalities and adventure in the documentary space. Here are some examples of that docu-love…