Toddy Stewart plays an ecumenical role in commercial filmmaking, occupying a rather squishy space between editing, directing and creative monkey-wrenching. Toddy has been involved with hundreds of advertising projects over the years, this lot being a typical smattering.


Verizon & FOX Sports: "Home Turf" 2018
Creative Director

Working with the filmmakers Inés Gowland, Francesca Mirabella, Gabriel Rinaldi, Ilie Mitaru, Daniel Uribe, Neuplot, Lorena Alvarado, Giovanni Autran and the team from Picture Farm, Toddy helped write, pitch and oversee through production and post a series about the culture of football in the expat and immigrant communities of New York City. Four films in all, you can see the rest and read about the process here.

Major League Soccer: "No Sitting Allowed" 2013
Writer, Director, Cinematographer

Taking his inspiration first from Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait directed by Douglas Gordon & Philippe Parreno, then Tokyo Olympiad by Kon Ichikawa, Toddy pitched an idea to the MLS to create films that capture what it really feels like to be an American soccer fan by filming... the fans. Three films about New York, Toronto and Kansas City.

ESPN: FIFA World Cup 2014
Producer, Writer, Editor

Teaming up with the marketing team from ESPN and cinematographer Scott Duncan, Toddy created a triptych of broadcast spots for the World Cup, winning an Emmy in the process. The trio includes Big Event, an anthem about the competition itself, Outlaws, a paean to American fans and Brazil, an ode to the Brazilian spirit narrated by Seu Jorge.

ACNE: "The Underwear Memos" 2014
Editor, Sound Designer

The photographer Ryan McGinley dropped off a hard drive of classically Ryan studio footage, leaving Toddy to edit and build ideas for Swedish clothing brand Acne Studios. He promptly found an amazing archive of analogue answering machine recordings and put them to good use.

Kate Spade: The Fernanda Ly Seasonal Campaigns 2017
Co-Director/Cinematographer, Supervising Editor

Toddy worked a double shift on the Kate Spade 2017 seasonal campaigns shot around New York City, complimenting Ryan McGinley's photographic spreads with a motion piece inspired by Ryan's set ups. Four films in total, each with Fernanda caught in a different beautiful moment.

Nike: SCCRX Skills 2016
Director, Camera

Six films for Nike Football shot in Los Angeles, Amsterdam and Paris. A dynamic mash up of documentary meets tutorial video, Toddy also choreographed the action and provided the extra on-the-street camerawork to craft the player stories.

Tiffany: Holiday 2017
Creative Producer, Supervising Editor

Toddy has worked with artist Roe Ethridge for a number of years, helping translate his celebrated photographic sensibility into motion. For the Tiffany holiday series, Toddy was brought in to source and coordinate the stop-motion animation team while overseeing the post-production process in the edit and finishing.  

PF Gallery: Yuri Shimojo 2016
Director, Cinematographer

Over the course of his seven year run as curator of the Picture Farm Gallery, Toddy made a number of films about the artists. Shot with no crew and very simple camera and recording gear, he would turn a couple hours spent with an artist into filmic portraits.

H&M: Atomics 2017
Cinematographer, Camera, Creative Supervision

A cinematography project working with Ryan McGinley on both sides of the filmmaking process, shooting a music video and commercial for H&M's Coachella range and then supervising the edit in post.

Nike: "Small Sided" Copa America 2015
Editor, Writer, Sound Researcher

Acclaimed photographer Christopher Anderson and Toddy worked closely throughout this award winning project for Nike Football. With Christopher still shooting in the field, Toddy would receive hard drives full of footage from South America and build out the stories,  editorial rhythms, exploring what the soundscape should feel like and sending back notes. Nominated for a Webby Award in editing.

Kanon Vodka: Lykke Li "Breaking Silence" 2011
Editor, Sound Designer

Director Jenna Elizabeth and Toddy created this piece for Kanon Vodka. Working closely with Ms. Elizabeth in the production concept, Toddy found a stimulating method of marrying b-roll and interview footage set to the soundscape he built out bits and pieces of Lykke Li’s music.

West Elm: Artist Portraits & City Guides 2015-2016
Director, Cinematographer

West Elm sent Toddy on journeys to New Orleans, Nashville, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Whitstable and Fort Greene to find true stories about the artisans and designers with which they work. He made many friends along the way.

J.P. Morgan Chase: Community Investment 2016
Director, Camera, Writer

Toddy was then sent to Dallas/Ft.Worth and London to explore ways in which the investment bank gives back to the neighborhoods and communities surrounding J.P. Morgan's financial headquarters. He made many friends along the way.