FOGO ISLAND : I shot this family vacation travelogue on an earlier Sony A7R and used the Sony Zeiss lenses as an experiment.

NIKE SCHOOL OF X : An example of mixing A7SII footage with an Alexa or an Amira (I can’t remember which)… but all the “on the street” footage I captured using a Sony with a gimbal.

YURI SHIMOJO : All shot on an A7SII using non-cinema prepped Hasselblad Zeiss medium format still lenses. In the middle somewhere she goes outside to the park and I briefly mix the Sony Zeiss lens footage in there. You can see the difference in image quality… a bit tinnie vs. the softness of the Hassy lenses… but it is an unfair comparison. They just shouldn’t be mixed. (I think the Fogo stuff looks fine for docu-travel footage and that was all Sony.)

WEST ELM LOCAL : I shot these all with a Sony A7SII, with lots on a gimbal.